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Who We Are

Many companies talk about the importance of excellent customer service yet fail to deliver it.  That’s because, at the end of the day, they’re more concerned with making a profit than with making their customers happy.  We doubt any company would admit that they do not care about their customers, but they demonstrate it in the things they do.

When they force you to email them or work through a complicated phone tree rather than give you easy access to a real person, they show they don’t care.  When they mess up your bill, over and over again, rather than checking each bill before it goes out, they show they don’t care.  When they work so hard to get you to buy from them and then seem to abandon you after you do, they show they don’t care.

Of course a company has to be profitable to stay in business, but isn’t there a way to do both?  Can a company be profitable and still truly take care of its customers’ needs?

G5 was started in 1996 with the idea that Customer Delight should be the foundational element of any business that means business.  Not only should a company work hard to earn your business, they should work hard to keep it.  That’s what we’re all about.  To us, Customer Delight means our service and support is so outstanding that our clients would be crazy to trust their equipment to anyone else.

Our goal is to make you a lifetime customer.  We do this by taking care of your needs quickly and completely.  We’re very good at it, too – we have to be.  After all, we know that there are other vendors out there with similar products and services.  Our job is to make sure you wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.  Period.

This might sound too good to be true.  You might be thinking that you’ve heard this story before.  You probably have.  That’s why telling you is not enough.  We need to show you.  Click here to find out where we are located and drop by.  In fact, show up unannounced.  You have an open invitation to see us in action first hand as we go about our daily business.  We believe that it will make all of the difference in the world.