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Our Core Values

Everything we do at G5 is inspired by our Core Values.  These values are more than just words.  They are our DNA.  They guide our actions and dictate how we do business.

Championship Team

Each player on the G5 team has been trained to effectively handle your needs. We continue to learn so that we can keep up with our customers’ growing needs. Communication and teamwork play vital roles in our day-to-day business. Our team will not sacrifice accuracy for speed or vice versa. We will resolve your issues both quickly and correctly.

Operational Excellence

Accountability is key throughout each department of G5. Every task done here impacts other departments, so it is extremely important that each player do his or her job correctly and efficiently. We do each task the same way every time, so accuracy becomes a habit. We know we are not perfect, but excellence is our goal.

Customer Delight

Many businesses can “satisfy” a customer, but we do not stop at your satisfaction. We are determined to go above and beyond to delight our customers with every interaction you have with our teammates. We believe that the joining of a Championship Team and Operational Excellence will result in Customer Delight.