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Reasons To Partner

  • rtop_personal_advocate

    1| We are your personal advocates.

    We don’t see you as a one-time customer, but as a lifetime partner.  We will proactively contact you quarterly to make sure you are continuing to receive excellent customer service.

  • rtop_response_time

    2| Rapid Response Time

    From the time you place a service call to the time our service technician is walking in the door, we average less than 2 hours response time.

  • rtop_live_person

    3| No Voicemail

    We do not have an automated phone system.  Any time you call G5 during business hours, you will speak directly to one of our team members.

  • rtop_flexible_blueprint

    4| Flexible Service Rates

    G5 service agreements are built to adapt to your unique business needs.

  • rtop_invoicing

    5| Simple Accurate Invoicing

    We triple check each of your invoices to ensure accuracy.

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    6| 100+ Local References

    We are the best because we choose to be, and our customers agree with us. Call them!

  • contract

    7| Life of the Lease Guarantee

    If for any reason, other than routine maintenance, your system does not perform according to manufacturer specifications, G5 will replace the system at your request.

  • rtop_local

    8| We are a local independent company.

    We are not tethered to a large corporate entity. We have the flexibility to adapt to your evolving needs.

  • rtop_team

    9| Team G5

    From our in-house IT Department, personable Operations Team, and our continuously trained Service Department, the G5 Team is committed to provide fast, accurate, and pleasant assistance to keep your business moving forward.